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If you are one who is lucky enough to have more disposable income, then you may find that a clinically proven device offers you the kind of luxury product you are searching for.

SizeGenetics is medically approved by the European Health Authorities, and is classified in the EU as a Type 1 Medical Device and is stamped with the CE mark of safety and effectiveness. It’s also recommended and endorsed by doctors in several different countries.

We all liked the fact that when we placed an order, we were able to speak to a real person, who could give us real answers to our questions. That is the kind of service and reassurance that we found at the SizeGenetics official site.

Success stories from SizeGenetics users

You will appreciate the website, which is professional, attractive and well organized, and you will be very impressed with the product information and reputation as you view the success stories from SizeGenetics users, which alone could take you hours to read.

Testimonial from SizeGenetics users

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A complete system adding the extra inches to your penis

We recommend SizeGenetics as it contains two proven penis enlargement methods; the SizeGenetics device, and PenisHealth membership. This dual approach ensures that your gains are fast and permanent.

The device works by stretching the cells within the shaft of the penis, slowly throughout the day. Cementing this process, the exercises allow you to not only advance enlargement, but also enable you to target the specific areas you wish to focus on, be it length, girth, stamina etc.

In the course of the many extensive studies and tests the SizeGenetics system has been proven to:

    – add 1-3 inches in penis length
    – add 1-2 inches in penis girth
    – correct up to 70% in penile deviations or curvatures


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Unique comfort mechanism providing you superior comfort

Sizegenetics uses a rubber comfort strap, as apposed to the silicone noose (which is used by most extenders) and from the user feedback, we know that this is much more comfortable to wear. Users of Sizegenetics will get a unique, lockable, leather box as well, which they will not find with any other extender.

SizeGenetics unique comfort mechanism


Sizegenetics also comes with spare parts, so when you grow, the device can grow with you. Moreover, users of Sizegenetics will have access (free) to the #1 sex guide – Lovecentria, which will reveal the secrets of better sex and some red hot sex positions so that you can enjoy more sex and better sex.

By applying both respected enlargement methods of exercises and device, SizeGenetics is considered by us the ultimate in enlargement products. Sure, it is not as cheap as some other methods but at least it is clinically proven.

Men who have used sizegenetics not only enlarge the size of their penis, but report more confidence and more attention from females. Still wonder how SizeGenetics can help?

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Discount Code: SGSC50 or ECON8 (Offer applies to Full System only)

The discount code above can be cashed on the order page (billing page) by entering SGSC50 or ECON8 in E-Voucher column. (see the screenshot below)

SizeGenetics discount

SizeGenetics Full System: $389.85
SizeGentics Device only : $350


Better go for SizeGenetics Full System and apply the discount code ($389.85 – $50 = $339.85) instead of Device only (which will cost you $350)

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