“An effective combination adding extra inches to your penis size”


Increasing a couple of inches for your penis, both in length and girth is absolutely possible. All you need to do is choose a right method, apply it properly, and be consistent.

After our countless hours of research and from the visitor’s feedback we have now come to the conclusion that the best possible way to increase the size of your penis is by applying a combination of penis enlargement methods.

Don’t get us wrong – of course you can still see results if you decide to just go for one of the methods, such as a traction device or exercise program. However, applying a combination of different methods will be sure to give you the largest gains in the shortest period.

There are two types of male penis enlargement methods: The Penis Developers and the Growth Stimulants. Each of them plays a different role in helping men to improve their penis health.

Penis Developers

    Penis Enlargement Traction Devices
    Penis Enlargement Exercises Program

By applying a constant traction over the length of the penis, penis developers (traction device or exercises) will trigger the penis’s growth function. This will force the body to start multiplying the cells that make up the penis tissues and to increase both the length and girth of the penis in order to cope with the new situation.

Penis Growth Stimulants

    Penis Enhancement Pills
    Penis Enhancement Patches

By increasing the constant blood flow to the penis using very specific ingredients (from pills or patches), the erections become fuller and bigger forcing the penis to expand and thus make your size looks bigger, both in length and girth.

The best results are seen when a combination of Penis Developers (traction device or exercises) and Growth Stimulants (pills or patches) is used.

Below are the 3 most effective combinations

1) Enhancement pills + Exercises program

With the strong circulation caused by penis enhancement pills, your penis can be cured and recover faster after performing the exercises program. This combination will keep the ladies coming back for more.

Do not buy these two products separately. You can get access to one of the best online exercise program (ForMenOnly) for free with the purchase of the well-known penis enlargement pills — Vigrx Plus.

Enlargement pills + Exercises program


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2) Traction device + Exercise program

You can see the gains if you decide just to wear the traction device, the same as if you decide just to perform the exercise program. However, a combination of these two methods will be sure to boost your confidence and your sexual pleasure in the short period.

There is a system called SizeGenetics which combines these two powerful methods into one massive solution.

Device + Exercises


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3) Traction device + Exercise program + Enhancement Pills

This is the ultimate combination, voted by most men and us. With the clinically trialed traction device, natural enlargement exercises, and the herbal enlargement supplements, it’s not far for men to go to gain a great penis with a super boost of confidence.

If you have read our products review, then you will know which products are recommended by us for each of the enlargement methods.

Therefore, for this Ultimate combination of male penis enlargement, we highly recommend:

SizeGenetics as the best traction device to wear

PenisHealth as the best exercise program to perform

Vigrx Plus as the best supplement to take

Device + Exercises + Pills

Imagine your partner screaming in ecstasy and becoming totally aroused by your new, bigger penis.

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