Clinically proven penis enlargement methods”


Below are some penis enlargement methods that we highly recommend:

Traction Device

There are many types of mechanical devices available on the penis enlargement market today. However, be aware of devices such as pumps and weights – these are simply unsafe and do not work. We only recommend clinically tested devices that are proven to work and come recommended by doctors and urologists.

Traction Device For the fastest and best results, we strongly recommend a traction device. Traction is used in the medical industry all the time to create new cell and skin growth, and is also used in post penis enlargement surgery to promote further enlargement. A device is one of the safest and fastest ways to achieve a longer, thicker, and stronger penis permanently.

Penis Enlargement devices work by exerting constant, consistent traction to your penis. When the cells in your penis are exposed to a gradual stretch, they begin to multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass, and enlargement in both length and girth of up to 3 inches.

Additionally, some quality traction devices also prove successful for straightening out curved penises.

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Exercise Program

Those who don’t like to spend the USD$200-$400 for a traction device, or they just plain and simply don’t feel comfortable strapping a traction device to their penises, then all-natural penis enlargement exercises are probably the best option.

Penis Enlargement Exercise ProgramAn all-natural penis enlargement exercise program basically involves stretching the penis with your hand. When done properly, this will eventually cause the cells in your penis to stretch and widen, thus increasing the blood flow to and throughout the penis. The increase of blood flow through the penis can help men to gain a bigger penis.

Although exercises are effective enough in penis enhancement, you are strongly advised to do it correctly. Improper execution of these exercises can only lead to injury.

Penis enlargement exercises are executed in the same manner as a normal workout, you’ll have specific routines, sets, and repetitions. You’ll also move on to more advanced workouts once you get the basics down.

A quality penis enlargement exercise program will provide you with a variety of routines ranging from beginner to expert, step-by-step written instruction, video and picture demonstrations, and medical endorsement.

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Penis enhancement pills contain several prosexual herbs that have two major effects.

develop circulation and increase blood flow to the penis
stimulate the body into producing high levels of sex hormones such as Testosterone.

Penis Enlargement PillsPenis enlargement pills are able to increase in your penis size faster, but it’s not permanent. This is because it’s the ingredients in the pills that are causing an increase in penis size. When you stop taking those pills, your circulation and expanding blood vessels will shrink back to their original size, along with your penis.

By the way, pills do have a very positive result when you take them in conjunction with enlargement exercises or traction devices. This is because strong circulation is important for healthy tissue growth, the increase in blood flow will help the penis to recover faster after each workout.

Any enlargement pills which are not giving you access to exercises as part of your purchase should be avoided.

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Penis enhancement patches are a relatively new product in the penis enlargement market. Patches function on the same principle as pills – improving body’s circulation and increasing blood flow to the penis.

Penis Enlargement PatchesThe patch sits discreetly on your body, it is easy to apply and invisible under clothing. The ingredients from the patch are absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream.

Just the same as with pills, the gains in your penis size will begin to dissipate when you stop using the patch, and as such, it’s recommended that you combine the patch with an exercise program in order to achieve the best possible permanent results.

Patches are generally slightly cheaper than pills. Whether pills or patches, they are a great addition to speed up and enhance the gains seen from other methods such as traction devices or exercises.

Any enlargement patches which are not giving you access to exercises as part of your purchase should be avoided.

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