“Does penis size matter?”



Some say yes, some say no. It’s a matter of ongoing controversy. Men and women argue on it, and magazines have frequent articles on this subject.

This might be the most frequently asked question of all time since sex was invented. The penis size is a huge concern for men, as well as women. Most of the men obsess whether having a big penis make them manlier and thus better lovers.

‘The bigger the better’, it is a mindset of western culture. It about all kinds of things, from cars to houses to portions in restaurants. This way of thinking extends to penile size as well.

The question that most men are concerned by is, naturally: Do women prefer a bigger penis or not? This answer may vary from woman to woman, yet, men should know that women tend to like bigger penises.

Although penis size cannot make up for a lack of skill, it is still better to be larger than average than the other way around. Some women like longer penises, while others prefer a good girth. However, you cannot go wrong with a bigger penis.

Gina from Los Angeles has this to say:

“I have been dating a man who I think is wonderful. We have so much in common, and everything is great. The problem is that when we have sexual intercourse, I just can’t feel his penis inside of me. There is also no contact with my clitoris. It does not matter how long he goes, I can’t feel his dick.

With other partners, I can reach orgasm within a couple of minutes, but he is so small, I just can’t. I feel embarrassed to tell him, but his penis is about 4 1/2 inches long and very thin. I try to convince myself that it doesn’t matter, but the fact is that I deserve to have good sex and to have orgasms.

Not only can I not come, but also I am worried that he can’t feel much either, which makes me feel like less of a woman with him. I don’t know what other women do in this situation, but I’m confused and upset. This guy and I get along so well, and everything is so great, but the sex is so unsatisfying. What can I do?”

There are a few things they can try. Unfortunately, first she has to be able to tell him what the problem is – and that is bound to be uncomfortable, and to put a strain on their relationship. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for a woman to tell a man she cares about that she can’t feel his penis during sex?

In addition, there are penis enlargement techniques and programs. First, there is surgery, but it’s expensive and intrusive. Most of the men would not be willing to undergo surgery, nor should a woman ask it.

Then there are mechanical enlargement techniques like penis pumps or stretching rings. These can bring some effect, but can also weaken and tear the delicate tissue of the penis if men perform it without proper instruction.

There are exercises like the jelq and some special sorts of stretching. These exercises can gain some effect, but require both knowledge and consistence. Lastly, there are penis pills, which usually have a great effect and can increase the size of the penis, whether in length or girth. It all depends on what penis pills you choose, but you need to be careful as some are not effective and are simply a scam.

Lovely Couple In BeachApparently, in some situations, size makes a difference, not only in terms of the quality of sex, but also as far as the comfort involved in the relationship.


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