“Free penis enhancement exercises improving your sexual performance


There are several simple techniques that can improve the overall efficiency of your penis enlargement treatment. Here we provide some free penis enlargement exercises that you can apply easily.

We called it Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercises (PC Flex). TheFree penis enlargement exercises PC muscle is the muscle that you squeeze to stop the flow of urination. The PC muscle is basically your ejaculatory control muscle which pumps when you ejaculate. A weak PC muscle will lead to weak erections and weak ejaculations.

Men who have a weak PC muscle usually have very little control over when they ejaculate, and this can lead to references such as “the minute man”. Luckily, it’s possible to improve our sexual performance and orgasm by training our PC muscle with some simple exercises. You can exercise the PC muscle anywhere – even when you are working in the office.

1) Penis Lifting

Sit down and obtain an erection by manual stimulation, and sit with your back straight. Lift your penis up with the PC muscle for 3-5 seconds and then let it rest again – this would be called one rep. When first starting off with this exercise, you may notice that your erection disappears as you do the workout. This is normal and you should re-stimulate when you go below 50% erect.

Performing 100-400 reps of these a day will give you an extremely strong PC muscle. As a beginner it’s good to start slowly with 50-100 reps a day and slowly build up to the 400 reps. Follow your workout plan and dedicate as much time as you think necessary to this exercise.

2) Pulsing Urination

You may have heard of this method before, it’s a simple exercise. Restrain your urination process, when you are urinating, stopping it midway for a few seconds and then releasing. Applying this exercise 3-4 times everyday will make your PC muscle stronger.

3) PC Muscle Clenching

Simply clench your penis muscle by hand for 3-5 seconds and then release. Avoid clenching it too frequent as it may damage your penis. Repeat this process 5 times with 10 seconds break between each set. This exercise will improve the strength of the PC muscle.

It is a good idea to perform these PC exercises at the beginning or end of the penis enlargement exercises workout because it helps promote blood flow. After a warm-up or warm down would be the optimum time.

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