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When it comes to sex, what is man’s worst enemy? Even if they won’t admit it, premature ejaculation can be a bummer during sex. A lot of men experience it, and embarrassing as it may seem, premature ejaculation is completely normal.

It is not true that when a man experiences premature ejaculation, he is sexually inadequate. It is not a health condition, but rather something that can be controlled and overcome.

Women may all agree when they say that as much as possible, they would want their men to last longer in bed. According to surveys, women do not want their men to reach orgasm right away. As much as possible, they prefer it when sex lasts longer, so it can be more enjoyable and more exciting.

There are many methods that men use to control premature ejaculation, but there are a few that have been highly recommended. For one thing, the couple should assume a sexual position which is less stimulating to the penis.

This way, he will ejaculate after a longer period of time. The couple can determine such positions by experimenting, and there are many variations that can be done. Plus, the variety during sex helps make it more enjoyable as well.

Here is an important step as well: urinate before having sex. When the bladder is full, the tendency of the male organ is to empty itself. In the same manner, he ejaculates after a short duration because his body tells him about the need to urinate. There have been many accounts of men on this matter, so you should also try to see if this will work for you.

Another source suggested that men should masturbate before having sex. This way, he has already ejaculated, and it will take a while before he will ejaculate again. There will be more arousal and more stimulation needed to induce orgasm once more.

At some point, you may need to determine the point in which you are about to reach orgasm, so later on, you can learn to control it. In a way, premature ejaculation can be a mind over matter thing.

There are also penis exercises that you can do to help yourself get accustomed to controlling the stimulation. Furthermore, these workouts for your penis help increase blood flow, allowing you to sustain your erections for a longer period of time. Some sources even claim that penile exercises not only assist to control premature ejaculation, but also help in increasing the length and girth of the penis.

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