Natural and Artificial Ways of Enlargement of Penis




Natural penis enlargement means ways in which you can enhance the size of your penis naturally, which denote to natural methods and not intake of chemicals or going under the knife for the sake of penile enhancement. There are innumerable men in this world who are born with a small penis and this seems to be quite unfortunate.

Such people are under the impression that there are no natural methods by which there could be in an enhancement in the size of the penis, but this is not true as, there are quite a few natural ways by which there can be a considerably enlargement of the penis. The various methods through which there can be an enlargement in the size of the penis are, with the intake of penis pills, which are available in the market, various exercises, pumps and weights.

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Weights: This is a very old and rudimentary way of enlargement of the penis, where ‘Penis Weights’ are used. The Egyptians followed this method in order to add to the number of their ‘sexual members’. With the help of this method, there definitely an increase in the size of the penis, but the drawback is that the penis size increases in length but in girth it gets thinner and this definitely is not preferred.

Penis Pumps: These ‘vacuum pumps’ are used for therapeutic purposes. They are prescribed to men who are unable to have erections. These pumps are effective in the enlargement of the penis, as the pump helps the ‘penile tissues’ to hold in more blood as otherwise and this in turn would make the penis slightly larger than usual but the effect does not remain for long. One thing, which should be kept in mind while using this is that once you use, is for a period of time your body would get immune to it and in the long run would depend on these pumps for erection.

Exercises: these are exercises, which mainly concentrate on the penile tissues, which are very fragile. This is also the most accepted way of naturally enlarging the size of the penis. This way is widely accepted, as it does not require any additional intake like taking pills, etc. Although the ‘penis’ is not a ‘muscle’ the size can be enhanced by following prescribed exercises regularly. These exercises are to be done religiously for a period of time, which in turn gives you the desired size, which you always wanted.

Pills: these are usually herbal medications, which helps in producing blood surge to the genitals, which in turn repairs the injured tissues and helps in the enlargement of the penis. These pills not only help in gaining the desired penis size, but also cause a lot of excitement when it comes to sexual interaction.

Some of the added advantages are that, the orgasms are more intense in nature, the production of sperms is higher, the intensity of the orgasm is higher, the erections are very strong, the sex drive is very high, the urinary flow is also improved, the penis head size is enhanced, and lastly the pills also help in treating impotence. They upgrade the person’s stamina and the general sexual function is augmented.

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