“Penis Enlargement – How to make your penis larger

Did your friends once called you ‘the minute man’ (or worse, ‘the three-inch wonder’) because of the length and girth of your penis? Does your self-esteem drops to the floor whenever you take a peek on the little man between your legs?

Have you ever come to the conclusion that heredity determines your penis size, and you can’t do so much about it? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are either too conscious about your machismo or you are in need of penis enlargement. If you think that your penis is lacking in the bigness department, you are not alone.

Since ancient times, people who had been dissatisfied with their penis size, invented ways and means to solve this time-immemorial dilemma. Early African males used to strap heavy objects on their genital to stretch it to its fullest potential. This practice is still being used today, and has found its way to Western culture.

Some women may disagree, but the bigger the penis is, the better. It adds to your sexual prowess in bed, not to mention relishing the idea that yours is bigger than most guys. There are plenty of ways to maximize the full potential of your penis size; from manual exercises, enlargement devices to pills and medical procedures.

A whole industry on penis enlargement has been created to make you a ‘bigger’ man. Manufacturers of penis enlargement pills market their brands with a promise of three-inch growth in just a few weeks. Some even include work-out programs to aid the pills in giving you a speedy result.

The internet is brimming with male enhancement pills that offer this and that, and it can leave you confused with the overwhelming selection. To avoid these, you can select from the top 2 user-recommended pill products: ProSolution Pills, and VigRXPlus Pills for Men.

Among these two, ProSolution is the considered to be the top-rated brand. Peniswork.com, a website that gathers reviews and ratings from enlargement pill users rates ProSolutions 5 out of 5.

The pill manufacturer has the most comprehensive enlargement system, combining an exercise program (ForMenOnly) with the pills to give you a successful penis gain up to three inches. Due to its extensive research on penis pill, ProSolutions has been widely recommended in the medical industry.

VigRX Plus Pills for Men ranks second on the list. Peniswork.com gives it 4 out of 5. What makes VigRX Plus Pills for men recommendable is its almost unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are, in any way, dissatisfied on the product, you can return it within 60 days of purchase, and get a full refund of your money.

One user attests to the effectiveness of the product, swearing that his penis has gained 1 ½ inch, both in length and girth in just four weeks of use. The product’s main ingredients are herbs, such as Asian ginseng root, Ginko biloba, Hawthorn berry, and Catuaba bar.

If you won’t consider the recommended penis enlargement pills, and decide to conduct a research of you own, please be cautious in buying such products as many hoaxes and poor-quality knock-offs that abound the internet.

Combination of proven methods to make your penis larger


Traction device + Exercise program + Penis enlargement pills

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