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The question if penis size does matter has been an ongoing debate to both men and women alike. Some say that it is the performance that counts, while others say that a large endowment is an advantage. Regardless, men have been trying to find ways make their penis size bigger since 6 BC. It is believed that many men were conscious about the size of their penis even before.

During ancient times, Mayans and Egyptians would adorn their fertility temples with stone carvings resembling that of the human penis. The penis structures would look bigger than the actual human penis, thus creating insecurity among men. This is believed to be one of the reasons why men have been looking for methods to boost the size of their male pride.

This brings us to another question, which is being asked predominantly by men, right after they hit their puberty: how to make my penis bigger? Actually there are various methods on how to make your penis bigger. Methods range from self-exercises to invented devices and surgical procedures.

Recommended methods to increase your penis size up to 3 inches


One popular manual exercise, which is believed to increase the size of the penis, is jelqing. This method, also called milking technique, is supposed to have come from the Middle East. Jelqing method is intended to increase the size of the penis by elevating the blood pressure that flows into the penis, to permanently boost the size of the penis during erection.

One needs a lubricating gel or baby lotion to make this process far more comfortable. First, make an Italian OK sign with the pointing finger and thumb. Wrap them around the semi-erect penis, and pull the shaft of the penis as close to the testicle end as possible. Then, squeeze the shaft towards the penis head. Hold this position for three seconds. Repeat the movement as long as it takes.

By doing this, it forces the blood to go to the glans, facilitating the vascularity of the corpus cavernosa (vessels that contain most of the blood in the male penis during erection). There is an ongoing controversy whether this method is effective or not. Jelqing should be done with caution because it can sometimes cause bleeding from the urethra, which will lead to infections or worse, temporary erectile dysfunction.

Clamping, another self-induced enlargement method, uses devices such as shoestring, tight cock ring, or cable clamp, to constrict the blood vessels in the penis. One of the said devices is put at the base of the erect penis while doing extended masturbating; known as edgeing.

Hanging, an extreme method for penis enlargement that has been around for thousands of years consists of pulling the penis by hanging a heavy object. The end of a strap or a rope is attached to (or near) the penis glans, while the other end is attached to a heavy object.

The idea of this method, which evidence of origin can be traced to certain African tribes, is to stretch various tissues of the penis. Although widening of the girth can also occur, the general goal is to elongate the penis.

Combination of proven methods to get a bigger penis


Traction device + Exercise program + Penis enlargement pills

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