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For many men, having a large penis is a sign of being an alpha dog; the bigger his package is, the better his chances in being a great lover in bed. Media has fueled this belief, and has greatly influenced a lot of people’s perception about the topic.

Although this belief is sometimes overrated, the male ego won’t dismiss the idea that women like it bigger. Since time immemorial, men have been tirelessly looking for answers on how to get a bigger penis. There is a gamut of solutions being peddled on how to improve the length and girth of the penis, from manual exercises and cosmetic changes, to devices and surgeries.

Without doing any manual penis enlargement method or undergoing surgery, one can make his penis appear to look bigger. Trimming the pubic hair makes the penis seems longer. In addition, losing weight, is not only beneficial to one’s health, but also elongates the penis. There is a saying that runs around men that for every ten pounds one lose; he gains an extra inch on his privates.

Recommended methods to increase your penis size up to 3 inches


There are manual exercises that promise to improve the penis size. One method is jelqing, which involves the drawing of blood into the glans to encourage vascularity on an erect penis. This is done by pulling the shaft of the penis to the base, and squeezing it up to the head. Repeating this method is believed to increase not only the girth, but also the length of the penis.

Another method that can be traced back to African practice is hanging. This involves the securing the end of a rope or strap around the penis, while the other end of it is attached to a suspended heavy object. Probably the longest penis enlargement practice, hanging is based on an idea of stretching the various tissues of the penis to facilitate elongation.

The company SizeGenetics offers a medically-approved traction device, including a complete work-out program, which claims to add a few inches to the penis and correct unusual penis curvatures. The website promises a lasting lengthening and thickening of the penis.

The device should be worn around the penis for at least 8 to ten hours a day. Size Genetics assures its clients that the device is light and undetectable under clothing. Users can set the pace of the penile enlargement program. If one’s schedule won’t allow him to wear the device for eight hours straight, he has the option to split the time into two or three sessions.

The device is reported useful to both small and large penis. The website boasts of its device as having a low or no-risk from side effects, being classified as a Medical Type 1 Device, carrying the CE Mark. SizeGenetics, although swears to help clients with different penis size, are not capable of helping men diagnosed with micro penis, a condition describing an abnormally small penis.

Another option to get a bigger penis is through surgery. Basically, there are two types of penile enlargement surgery: thickening the girth, and increasing the length. Surgeries that aim to thicken the girth of the penis used silicon injections.

There are contrasting views about penile enlargement surgeries. One research in London shows that most patients who underwent surgery were unsatisfied with the result, while a study in Frankfurt shows that 79% of the penile-enlargement surgery patients were quite satisfied with the result.

Combination of proven methods to get a bigger penis

Traction device + Exercise program + Penis enlargement pills

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