How To Enlarge Penis By Exercise PC – The Basic Techniques You Can Apply



How to enlarge penis by exercise PC is easy to learn if you have the proper guide. Here are some of the most beneficial exercises you can practice in order to increase the size of your penis.

1. The manual stretching by pulling and squeezing movements

* Principle of operation: daily run for 30 minutes on an indefinite period of time, thus stimulating the penile gland tissue and increasing the blood flow to the penis. The penis in flaccid state should be handled with strong moves, but without going into state of erection, (this requires self-discipline and control).

* The method has ancient origins, and the Arabs executed it with enthusiasm. It can cause irreversible damage to the skin and to the connective tissue that wraps the testicle.

* Risks: Although safer in terms of action on the phallus as compared with other mechanical or surgical penis enlargement, this method can cause unsightly scar formation, tissue damage, pain or deformity.

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2. Vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

* Principle of operation: The penis is inserted into the cylindrical tube of the device, and the air is expelled by force of suction of a pump (manual or motorized) filling the corpus cavernosum of the reproductive organ with blood. On the base of the penis a ring is placed in order to prevent the blood to return to the body (maximum 20-30 minutes).

* It seems a simple technique of how to enlarge penis by exercise PC, but it has very large risks: loss of genital sensitivity, impotence, tissue injury, swelling, thinning skin, rashes, pain in the injured area, damaging blood vessels, damage due to excessive suction forces;

* Effects: the results are not permanent and in time the elastic tissue of the penis is affected and decreases the quality/firmness of erections.

* These devices are for medical purposes: conventional treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction).

3. Penis lengthening with weights

The hanging of weights on the penis is the oldest of penis enlargement methods practiced since 2000 years ago by African tribes and everybody who wants to learn how to enlarge penis by exercise PC should try it.

* Principle of operation: attaching a device (with a rope or belt) caught on the sexual glands or behind them, allowing the weight (1 / 16 to 1 / 4 of a pound) to be suspended in air for a certain time (between 5-10 minutes / maximum lift), the exercise consists in trying to raise the weight by repeated movements.

* Risks: stretch marks, lesions, decreased sensitivity in the penis, impotence, tearing tissue, fracture of the phallus.

* Effects: There is no scientific basis to ensure the results you get if you learn how to enlarge penis by exercise PC with this method, over time can cause a stretch of the penis in the flaccid state, but without resulting in a state of erection or thickness.

When deciding you want to increase the size of the penis, you should keep in mind that all the results are different from one man to another.

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