How Does Penile Enlargement Without Surgery Work?


There is always that pressure to perform in any aspect of life. Whether it is in school, at the workplace, or even at home—we always need to be at our best because people expect us to give our best.

This is no different in bed, where men try to perform their best. Lore abounds when it comes to ways to enhance one’s performance especially when one has a hard time performing, but one of the ways that many men take is to enlarge their penises.

This is usually done by increasing the penis’s girth and length by increasing blood flow into the muscle. There are two main ways to do this: penile enlargement with surgery and penile enlargement without surgery.

Penile Enlargement with Surgery

Surgery is usually done by cutting tendons that hold the penis up, thus extending it by a few inches as it drops down. This also may include compressing blood vessels in order to lengthen the time that blood stays within the penis, for a longer and harder erection.

This methodology actually has concrete results, though is quite an expensive operation to undergo. It is also quite contentious in the medical world.

Penile Enlargement Without Surgery

These methods are hotly debated, as many do not have real results to show for them. Comparatively, penile enlargement without surgery is not as scientifically backed as that of surgery, as they work for some and not for others.

Such methods would include physically making it look bigger by taking out the pubic hair, or through so-called supplements and pills that are ingested and aim to increase the capacity of the corpus cavernosum penis to accommodate more blood during an erection.

There is also such a thing as a penis pump that creates vacuum around the penis in order to draw blood into the penis to make it larger and harder. However, if used incorrectly, this may lead to damage to the blood vessels in the penis, rather than a larger penis.

Other techniques include “exercising” the muscle in the penis to increase vascularity in the penis by pulling it away from the glans or attaching a device to the penis to lengthen it by stretching it for periods at a time. Still more dangerous techniques are those which use clamps on the penis or hanging a weight to the penis.

Such methods have both successes and failures. These methods are to be done with caution as they involve methods that tamper with your blood vessels and muscles. It would still be best to consult with a physician concerning penile enlargement, with or without surgery.

If such methods are to be used, make sure that you are fully aware of the methods and the risks, and that these risk are minimized in order to safeguard your health. After all, if you hurt yourself, it might actually lead to the opposite of what you want: impotence and a damaged penis.

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