“The best hints on how to make your penis bigger


There is much confusion about different techniques that claim to be answering the question how to make your penis bigger. Below, you will find information about penis enlargement surgery. Before promising anything related to penis enlargement, you should compare your penis size with average size penis. Chances are you do not have to worry about your penis size!

Penis Enlargement with surgery

This is the only method of penis enlargement augmentation or recognized by the medical community. Penis enlargement surgery was uncertain in the beginning, with many men who end up with severely disfigured penises. Sex was often difficult or impossible for these men. Dissatisfied customers sometimes legal action against plastic surgery, but most patients were too embarrassed to do anything.

Penis enlargement surgery is more accepted and less risky today, but most plastic surgeons refuse to perform penis enlargement procedures because of their risks. There are two surgical procedures to enlarge the penis, one is used to increase penis girth, the second is used to increase penis length.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery circumference

This procedure that solves the how to make your penis bigger issue is used to increase penis girth and include transplantation of fat cells (usually taken from the patient’s abdomen) around the penis. Known as fat transplantation, the “thickening” may increase penis girth by 1-3 inches.

The procedure has several potential shortcomings. Transplanted fat cells feel soft, similar to breast tissue according to some men. In the worst case, increases in penile circumference so obtained can often disappear with time, fat cells are reabsorbed into the body easily. Sometimes this re-absorption of fat is uneven and the penis remains knotty or misshapen.

Recently, a method of variation of fat transplantation has been implemented, whose supporters claim to remove the problem of re-absorption. It is known that transplantation of skin and instead of using fat cells, using strips of skin and fat.

Surgeons who use this method say that the skin stops the fat to be re-absorbed. Because this procedure requires strips to be grafted on the surface of the penis (preferably simple injection of fat cells) is more complex surgery and the risk of skin over is greater.

Penis Enlargement Surgery length

The penis becomes erect by filling with blood. The tissue which fills with blood is called the corpus cavernosum. This spongy tissue normally extends from the base of the penis to the body. In some cases, half of the corpus cavernosum can be hidden inside the body.

Penis enlargement procedures based on the release of the tissue which has the effect of penis enlargement. The results of this type of surgery to enlarge the penis are usually substantial in flaccid state, but less pronounced erect (sometimes erect length does not change at all).

Summary – How to make your penis bigger with surgery

Penis enlargement surgery, though it has become a lucrative business from the start, is not yet safe. Penis disfigurement and deterioration of sexual function are only two reasons to be careful if we consider this treatment to enlarge the penis. Consultation is a wise step and the natural methods of increasing the penis like penis stretcher or exercise are always recommended.

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