“Penis Enlargement – DIY Traction Type Penis Extenders

Who hasn’t heard of a penis extender? With all of the new products being developed every day for penis enhancement, these devices are becoming increasingly popular and are seeing widespread use by men all over the world.

Unfortunately, as these devices are successful at doing what they say they will, many men have decided to try replicating these devices at home. But, do you think that these home-made devices will be safe to actually use?

In some of the forums, men discuss this idea, with a very large majority feeling it is not a wise course of action. One forum member is quoted as saying, “Easiest doesn’t always mean safe, because the easiest thing I can think of is a rope tied around your head, and attached to your leg or some other weight source, but that is not safe at all.”

It is pretty much a general consensus that these DIY traction type penis extenders are not going to be safe, or effective. In order to demonstrate the problems with the homemade penis extenders, consider what would happen if it pulls more to the right or the left.

It would be virtually impossible to make these devices perfectly balanced like their professional counterparts. Not to mention the surfaces of a homemade device could never be as smooth as the professional devices on the market, which can cause major discomfort when using them.

There is tons of information on forums and message boards showing you how to make your own penis extender. The subject comes up often, but don’t rely on what these people are trying to tell you.

There will be more to their stories that they aren’t telling you, like how they had to be rushed to the emergency room because they had a rope with weights tied to their penis! The most common risks of the DIY traction type penis extenders:

    Cuts and Bruises. Any of the materials that you will find at home to build your device will not have the smooth surface that is needed to protect the very sensitive skin covering your penis. These cuts and bruises may not leave permanent marks on your skin, but while they are present they are very painful – sexual intercourse will definitely not be a possibility during the healing period.
    Damage to Nerves and/or Blood Vessels. There can be major damage if you block the flow of blood for too long, or if you use more pressure than you should on a certain area. If at any time you lose any sensations in any part of your penis, or if your penis actually changes color to blue-green, get to a hospital emergency room immediately. This can be a very serious situation and needs to be looked at by trained medical personnel.

Professional penis devices offer much more safety, as they have been put through rigorous testing before being put on the market. They need to pass certain quality measures before they can be sold to the public, so the risks that are associated with the homemade devices will not be an issue.

If you want to have the penis size you are hoping for, using a professional device is really the only option you should ever consider. The risks with the homemade penis extenders are just too high – the complications that can occur can’t be reversed.

The professional penis extenders like SizeGenetics or ProExtender have been proven to work very well, so make sure that you do everything right the first time. You will save yourself a lot of pain and misery, and you will see the results you are wanting.

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