“Penis Enlargement A Bigger Penis Base or A Bigger Penis Head?

Does size really matter? Men are always concerned with how women view the size of a penis, and are always looking for ways to make their penises larger. The concern that men have over this subject has led to a huge increase in male enhancement products over the past few years.

Penis enlargement products are becoming very popular among men, because they want to be able to pleasure their partners when having intercourse. Others may feel that they have a small penis, and want to help to improve their own self-esteem. No matter what the reason is, it all comes down to either making their partners happy, or themselves.

There are many products available on the market today which will make a man’s penis larger. Some methods include exercises for the penis, taking pills or even the use of sex toys. The results will depend on the product or method that is used, and sexual satisfaction will depend on the outcome.

But do all women really prefer a larger penis? Believe it or not, there are some women who would prefer a smaller sized penis, as opposed to a large one. Why? One reason is that it can actually be painful for a woman if a penis is too large – especially if the man is not gentle.

If the man is not as concerned with pleasing their partner, and understanding their desires, the resulting intimacy will not be as wonderful for the woman as he would like to believe.

So, what is more important – a bigger head or a bigger penis base? Most would likely answer that a bigger penis head would be more desirable. The answer depends on many factors, but what it really comes down to is that both partners are able to experience sexual pleasure.

Women are more likely to respond that a bigger base is more important than the head, because the pleasure that is obtained with a penis having a bigger base, is going to be much more intense.

Since the woman’s most sensitive organ is the clitoris, the base of the penis takes on the role of stimulating the woman during intercourse, since the tip of the penis is already inside. Contact between the clitoris and penis base during sex, will feel wonderful for the woman.

Not only that, there are cases where two people do not “fit” together perfectly. If the penis is too small for the vagina, or too large, the couple just needs to let their imaginations run free. Try different positions and techniques to see what works the best for them.

In the end, the man needs to feel comfortable with himself, in order to give pleasure to a woman. After all, the size of the penis should not matter- as they say, it isn’t the size, it is what you do with it that matters!

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